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Free premium Photoshop files by Graphic River's Top Author - Sevenstyles

We are gratefully supporting Render your Mind as we LOVE free files for all !!! Especially when they are by the top author of Graphic River! Below is how Brad Goble (SEVENSTYLES) achieved his place at the top, he started at the bottom 'yes lets say it' to become number ONE!

How I became Graphic River's top author

During my university years studying Multimedia design, I was working a part time job to bring in enough money just to get by. The job was a store assistance role, unpacking and loading stock onto the shelves. It was a convenient job, but considering I had 7 years experience with Photoshop under my belt, I knew I could do something much more exciting!

I wanted a job that gave me creative freedom, enough freedom to create content that I could put online somewhere and hopefully someone would buy it. I knew If I could discover a place like this then I could chip away at creating some files and hopefully within a year or two, I could see enough revenue to leave my part time store assistance role.

When I began looking around for graphic stock marketplaces, I discovered various stock sites such as Shutterstock, Fotolia and iStockPhoto. I looked greatly into each of these type of sites and tried to work out what I could create that could get enough financial traction to eventually leave my part time job. I started off by creating textures using a library of my photo's that I had accumulated over some years.